by Strikeout

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released May 24, 2014

Guitars : Raphael Corriveau & Francis Nolet
Vocals : Brendon Laliberté
Drums : Brian Quirion
Bass : Simon Byarelle

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Brian Quirion
Music by Strikeout

Guest vocals on ‘On My Shoulders’ by Rémi Provencher (Obliterate)
Guest vocals on ‘Lowlife’ by Jean-Philippe Payeur (Wrong Beliefs)

Lyrics by Brendon Laliberté
Lyrics on ‘Brainwashed’ and ‘Faithless’ by Gabriel Bourassa and Strikeout

Cover Art by Chadwick Lawson
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Strikeout Québec

Hardcore band from Arthabaska, Quebec, Canada.

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Track Name: Push It Out
I remember the first time we kissed
I still have the taste of your poisoned lips
I can’t wait for you to come back home so I can fix this on my own
You and your pretty face broke my heart
You left me here as I fall apart
You took all the good in me
You left me alone

You left me alone with my demons
Now, they are haunting me
You took all the good left in me
You just released the beast

You took all the good left in me
You’re my beast
Track Name: Faithless
You keep on making mistakes
Set your fucking mind straight
Follow blind is all they do
Blind the youth, then nothing’s true

No more faith in my eyes
No more faith in my mind

I keep my mouth shut, but keep my eyes opened
‘Cause the reaper comes and takes and takes
Walked down a path we have never choose
Forced out to believe what we don’t need
Where did it all go fucking wrong?
All innocence is fucking gone
Humankind lost their minds
Run outta time
I’ll take what’s mine

No more faith in my eyes
No more faith in my mind
Track Name: Chased Away
Everybody’s laughing at the black sheep
They all think he’ll be sinking deep
But he sweeps away every defeat
And still everyone’s talking cheap

I will not stand here and fucking look at you
I won’t live my life without a fucking clue

Never walked the path I was shown
Never did what I’ve been told
Always been outcast
And it forever will last


I am the black sheep
Never did what I’ve BEEN TOLD

I can’t find my way back
I’ve been chased away but now I’m getting back
Always been out of cast
But now guess whose laughing last?
Track Name: False Dreams
I’ll take control of my destiny
I won’t let that bitch get the best of me
I won’t back down

Fuck the world for trying to stop me
I’m trying to find a way to get through this life without any fucking scars
But each day a new struggle’s trying to make me fall


I won’t back down
I will never back down
I can’t stand what you did to me
You trapped me in WHEN YOU GAVE UP ON ME
Track Name: On My Shoulders
Misleaded by blinded minds
Overwhelmed by idiots in tie
Blinded by false promises
Telling me what I want to be

Where did all go fucking wrong?

I don’t want to live on my knees
I can’t get up
I’m paralysed by society
Can’t make my way through
They keep filling my head up with empty words
They want me to follow their rules
They want me to be their tool
I won’t be their fool
I won’t be their tool


Where did heaven go fucking wrong?
There’s no God now that’s a certainty
The only thing I believe now is in me
Track Name: Two-Faced
I have no fucking respect for your breed
Taking me to the bottom
I just want to tear you apart
I’ve got more to say than I got to loose
I made so many mistakes; my head is getting loose

Running and running; it all falls apart
When you quit it strikes back fucking hard
Surrounded by all that bullshit
Help me, I’m fucking drowning

I will not hit the bottom
I’ll fight to keep my head out of water
Even if I feel like I’m drowning
I refuse to sink
Track Name: Same Conclusions
You decided to follow blind
Misusing your mind
Evil eye
Controlling you

Pointing your finger at everyone else
Refuse to take a look at your fucking self

You can whatever you want
You just got to take the wheel and drive you the fuck out of this shit
And I’m willing to help you
But if you sit here waiting and wishing
Then count me the fuck out

Track Name: Struck Out
You think you walk the bitter road
Well, let me tell you son, this ain’t no fucking joke
You’re not like these pieces of shit
But when it comes to face the truth you’re too weak
You run away and fucking quit

You’re acting like everybody around this earth is owing you shit
But it’s funny how you never gave a fuck about me
You try to convince me you’re not addicted
I’m trying to show you that you’re FUCKING BLINDED
You sold your sight to the devil and you let it grab its fucking hold
I can’t feel the pain that’s in your chest
But when going through hell, there’s no fucking rest

Time to get up from your knees
Stop lying to yourself
Track Name: Cold Inside
I’m sick and tired of all these feelings
Coming from these memories
They’re chained up to my heart
And they tore a hole in my body

I fucking know how it feels to be dead inside
I have nothing to hide ‘cause I’m empty inside

I never lived in the streets
I never killed nobody
But I know how it fucking feels to be dead inside

We never gave a fuck about the odds
Being one amongst a bunch of underdogs


By now you should know that underdogs
Always find a way to win
Track Name: Brainwashed
We’re ready to fight, to struggle against what we call life it’s all about strife
Never back down, bow to no one
We’ve been despised right back from the start
Rip your heart apart
They’ll rip your fucking heart apart

They try to silence us by saying it’s the fucking truth
Try to blind the youth
Taking us for fucking fools
Born and then pushed to the edge
Try to hold on our grasp
No one can take me down as long as I’m proud
Smashing faces on the ground no one can take me down this deep
I’ll forever be unseen
Downstream, no one will see you fucking bleed


Brainwashed minds serving infantry right there right in front of me
Filthy hands, poisoned minds: it’s all that’s left to find

They will slit your head off
Then fucking watch you bleed
Track Name: Lowlife
We’re living in a cold world
Surrounded by hate and lies
I’m trying to make it right
I’m trying to stand up straight

Hollow minds never said anything but empty lies
No love to the fuckers that tried to suck me dry

You’ve always been around hating on me
Now I’m someone you try to take from me
But you’ll have nothing
I’ll give you nothing but hate


I was born to fill the biggest shoes
Take it or leave it: I could never choose
Why should I obey, do what they tell me
I won’t live on my knees
I will not obey to wicked thoughts
I’ll rise to my feet

I will not live on my knees
I will rise to my feet

All those thoughts gathering dust
They’ve all lost their lust
Even if I keep on falling